Mobility Starter

Maximize traffic control efficiency through our analytical data platform, perfectly integrated with mapping and routing solutions, such as Waze.

We provide instant access to comprehensive information, both in real time and in historical records, enabling managers to perform detailed analyzes for even more accurate optimization of traffic management.

Discover an innovative approach that combines cutting-edge technology, providing valuable insights to transform urban management.

Go Data Intelligence

Through the integration of data and artificial intelligence we provide a complete approach to making your city smarter and more efficient.

We improve and modernize your data management, promoting greater innovation in managers' strategies and ensuring even greater efficiency in public services. 

With complete integration of data such as; traffic lights, cameras, sustainability, public transport, education, health, security, justice and several other municipal services, consolidating essential information for more effective management.

Strategic Partner

Revolutionizing city management with + intelligence It is + effectiveness.

Discover Our Innovative Data Governance and Intelligent Analytics Solutions


Centralize student analytical and behavioral information to make informed decisions. Use digital resources and collect researched terms to improve teaching. With in-depth analytics, guide educational improvements and monitor students' attention levels, promoting an effective learning environment.


Get access to comprehensive information about green areas, air quality and pollution levels caused by buildings and vehicles. We use cutting-edge technologies to collect real-time data from a variety of sources, such as environmental sensors, traffic monitoring systems and satellite imagery.


Care for your community's well-being and centralize data from a variety of sources, including electronic medical records, epidemiology reports, vaccination information, and communicable disease monitoring.


Centralize financial information, ensure the protection and integrity of transactions, promoting transparency in public management. With data from various sources, such as accounting records and tax information, it will be possible to strengthen the community's financial health.

Applying data governance to smart cities

AI giving management a lift city of the future!

Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with sophisticated analyzes to transform data crossing, ensuring a safer, more agile and sustainable journey for everyone.

You are part fundamental to this movement

With innovation and data governance as our foundation, we are driving the future and promoting public safety more efficiently, contributing to the construction of a smart city.

Talk to us and find out how to transform your municipality into a smart city

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